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This page was last updated: July 24, 2016
CORRECTION  (and more than a little embarrassment): Our 2016 Street Glide review in the June 2016 issue contained several errors. The motorcycle we tested was actually the Street Glide Special instead of the basic Street Glide. A variety of features included on the Special that are standard equipment are options on the basic Street Glide. For example, ABS is part of the included features on the Special. The Special offers other standard features available as options on the basic Street Glide. One other error in the article is that we reported the Street Glide as having single disc brakes up front when it actually comes equipped with dual Brembo disc brakes. I could try to explain how we came up with this absurdity but the bottom line is that I screwed up. Base MSRP for the Street Glide Special is $23,199. We sincerely apologize for this error and any incovenience it might have caused.