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Door Prizes for Motorcycle Events - Who Benefits?

by Midwest Motorcyclist on 12/04/13

Plans are ramping up for 2014 motorcycle events. Shortly after the new year, volunteers will begin reaching out to various motorcycle businesses in search of product donations for door prizes. These are the items that make attending any particular event more attractive to would-be attendees. Many businesses are willing to donate something - gift certificates, hats, gloves, t-shirts, cleaning supplies, etc. - to help the event succeed. It's one way motorcycle businesses give back to the people and organizations that support their companies.

Unfortunately, as the number of organizations seeking and obtaining donations grows, the less value comes back to the business owner. I have these conversations with motorcycle business owners a couple times a year. One such conversation occurred in a customer's store a couple weeks ago. The bottom line: motorcycle organizations / clubs and the enthusiasts who attend their events are not patronizing the businesses supporting their events. The businesses give. Most don't receive any but minor recognition at the event when prizes are given away. Neither the club members or the event attendees return to the donor business to show appreciation for the donations by buying something - anything - from that business.

I wonder how long these small businesses can continue to support events with free product when, aside from goodwill, they don't benefit from increased sales as a result of their generosity.

Almost daily, people talk and post on Facebook about buying locally. Yet, many continue to buy from big box stores or shop online. It's time for the people who organize and attend motorcycle events to support the businesses who are supporting those events and good times. Buy from the sponsors. Don't just talk about your support for their businesses. Demonstrate your support by buying from them.

Business is tough, sometimes brutal, for small business owners. If we don't support the businesses who are supporting our events, they will go the way of so many motorcycle-related businesses since 2007. If you don't care about the survival of local motorcycle shops or door prizes for your events, continue to buy online from vendors in the other parts of the country or the world. If you do care, spend some money at your local shop - today. Talk is cheap. Spend your money at the local motorcycle shop. If you don't, good luck getting support and door prizes for your event from large national or international companies. 


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1. The Preacher said on 12/17/13 - 09:19AM
Could not agree more with the blog. No one really benefits form the "free gifts or give-aways" and as someone who attends a lot of events, I can honestly say that I have not visited an establishment becasue they gave a gift or door prize. I support my local Harley-Davidson Dealer as well as smaller independants. The independants are the only way to keep the big dealerships honest. It's the independants where you really get the deep down personal service in most cases. Not to minimize the value of having a big Harley Dealership close by, I feel both operations have their place in the world or Motorcycles and both are worthy of our support.
2. oldenduroguy said on 1/24/14 - 07:10PM
Harley now prevents small shops from getting a discount on HD parts and lubricants. Just another way HD is squeezing the small shops out of business. If you want to have a small shop work on your HD the customer has to buy the parts and will not get a discount. If you want them to change your oil, an HD dealer can only sell a small shop or customer enough oil and a filter for one oil change. Nice huh?
3. Andy said on 1/27/14 - 11:11AM
If the cause is that important to the hosting organization then they should be prepared to buy the gifts with member dues and treat it like a business decision. Toys for tots would be an exception and therea re other causes that appear worthy for members to give and ticket buyers to spend.

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