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This page was last updated: September 13, 2017
Event Reviews
Rebel Road, Bike Time
Attract Thousands
by Ray Peabody

Downtown Muskegon was jammed with thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts in town for the 10th Annual Muskegon Bike Time and Rebel Road on July 13 through July 16. After two years at the old horse racing property... Full story here...
Product Test
2017 Ural Gear Up
Adventure on Three Wheels
by Ray Peabody

“Practice before you head out ,” said Jeff Bottrell, Sales Manager at MotorCity Motorcycles. “The Ural handles differently than any two-wheeled motorcycle you’ve ever ridden and you should get used to it before hitting the road.”  Full story here...
Great Rides
XR400R Lightweight Adventure Project Shakedown Tour
by Ray Peabody

Finally, with modifications mostly complete (see sidebar with a list of mods), the time had come to test the Honda XR400R as an adventure bike. It had already proven itself as a solid dual sport with a comfortable ride, precise handling the street, good traction, and plush suspension in the dirt. Full story here...
2017 Harley-Davidson
Road King Special
by Ray Peabody

Finding a demo of the 2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Special is close to impossible this soon after the upgraded model was released. Each new Special is apparently sold before it reaches the showroom. Good for the dealers but tough on journalists who want a test ride for a review. Full story here...
Product Test
Giant Loop Fender Bag
By Ray Peabody

If you’re planning to travel to remote, less populated areas, you had better have the skills and carry the tools necessary to make roadside / trailside repairs. That was the thinking when assembling the tool kit for the XR400 adventure bike. Full story here...
Product Test
2017 BMW R nineT Scrambler
by Ray Peabody

When offered the opportunity to test the BMW R nineT Scrambler by Blane and Andrea at BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids, I jumped at the chance. While I’m skeptical of the modern day scramblers as being too heavy and lacking sufficient suspension for dirt work,  Full story here...
Product Test